Mindfulness Meditation


What is it?





breathing mindfulness meditation

What is Mindfulness Meditation?


Mindfulness means being fully present and aware of what is happening. 


You can think of mindfulness as being here now and meditation as observation.


Mindfulness Meditation is the practice of gently returning our attention to the present moment without attachment or judgment.


Consistent Mindfulness Meditation practice helps us to experience greater calmness and peace.





Mindfulness Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and emotional reactivity, and increase focus.


American Psychological Association



Mindfulness meditation helps to:


+  Reduce stress

+  Reduce emotional reactivity

+  Relax the mind & body

+  Increase concentration and insight





Mindfulness Meditation is not difficult. Simply returning your attention to your breathing is a powerful and effective practice.


The Process:

+  Understand the nature of thought

+  Recognize that thoughts can create great stress

+  Learn to greet stressful thoughts and feelings with mindfulness through persistent practice



Mindfulness Meditation Coaching Programs will help to:


+  Identify persistent areas of stress in your life to address the stress

+  Provide personalized Mindfulness Meditation practices

+  Monitor progress

+  Provide supportive coaching to advance your practice



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