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selena sage


Selena Sage is a graduate of the Honors Program in Engineering and Management at Northwestern University and has extensive experience in senior management roles at companies including Motorola and Google.


In 2015, after publishing her first book, Meditative Questions, Sage decided to walk away from a successful corporate career in California to seek ultimate freedom. Sage traveled the world, learning from Zen masters, and moved to the remote island of Santo Antão in Cabo Verde, off the western coast of Africa, to further her meditation practice.


Inspired, Sage published three more books and began traveling around the world to give talks to groups and companies about peace and freedom.


At the start of the pandemic, Sage transitioned to sharing messages of peace and positivity more broadly by starting the Live Free with Selena Sage podcast, currently ranked in Spotify Top 30% with listeners in over 80 countries. In a survey of listeners, 90% reported feeling more calm and sleeping better after listening.


Due to numerous requests from podcast listeners, Sage began hosting virtual Zen events, which led to 1:1 coaching. In 2022, seven years after starting her journey to ultimate freedom, Sage published, Finding Freedom Where You Areto share what she learned.


Mindfulness Meditation Coach is the culmination of Sage’s years of experience learning, sharing, teaching; and the programs are intended to support the self-discovery process. By learning and practicing mindfulness meditation, the benefits are reduced stress and greater awareness and insight.


The Mindfulness Meditation 1 Month Coaching Programs are designed to provide simple and effective practices that lead to life-changing results.


In the future, in-person Mindfulness Meditation Coach Retreats will be held exclusively at Moon Bungalows in Santo Antão, Cabo Verde.


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